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Green Mountain Robotics

Team 9101 - Chittenden County, VT

We are a regional robotics team that competes in the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC). Our team was created at the end of 2022 when we decided to compete in the 2023 competition CHARGED UP. Our team is composed of students from multiple high schools in Chittenden County, VT. All of our members have varying experiences in both the FIRST Tech Challenge and the FIRST Lego League which taught us the skills to be able to compete in FRC. This past year we went to the Week 4 event at UNH and Week 5 at WPI where we received multiple awards and placed us high enough to qualify for the District Championship (DCMP). At DCMP we competed in the MEIR division where we were picked to be a part of the 1st Alliance with Team 6329 - Buck’s Wrath and Team 5687 - The Outliers. Our alliance competed ferociously, but unfortunately we were knocked out in the Quarter Finals in the bottom bracket. Our team’s effort and tenacity paid off when we learned that we qualified for the World Competition after DCMP, and we quickly started preparing for our trip to Houston, TX. Our season wrapped up with us receiving Top Rookie Seed in our division at Worlds and returning to Vermont with many stories to tell.

In the 2023 season, our robot TOAST was named after its unique shape, suggested by a team mentor. As rookies, we prioritized simplicity and efficiency, designing a robot for a single task. While we couldn't handle high-weighted point tasks, we made valuable contributions by scoring in multiple lower cells overlooked by others. Our low-to-the-ground design provided excellent balance on the charge station, benefiting high-scoring teams focused on other scoring opportunities. This strategy made us a sought-after alliance partner, known for reliability and specialization.