Green Mountain Robotics

FRC 9101 - Chittenden County, VT

Swerve Chassis:

We are currently working to make a Swerve Drive Chassis before the 2024 season begins. Swerve Drive is a type of drive train with 4 wheels in each corner of a chassis that can be rotated and spun to change which direction the robot is moving.

Learning Onshape:

With our team being new this past season, most of us didn't know how to use Computer Assisted Design (CAD) programs before this season; however, we realized that CAD would be a important part in designing our robot, so with the help of a few of our mentos from BETA Technologies we started to learn Onshape.

May 19th
3 - 6pm
May 20th
9am - 12pm
Summer Camp:
July 17th - 21st
9am - 3pm